Best 10 Online Business Ideas in 2022-That Will Make Money

Best 10 Online Business Ideas in 2022-That Will Make Money

If you have been thinking of starting an online business for a while, this may be the year that you want to finally take action to start your business. You may be wondering which of the best online business ideas 2022 that you want to start with

I am here to help you make that decision by outlaying the best 10 online business ideas 2022 so you can make a choice according to what suits you

If you are a follower of my blog you must know by now that it is a tradition here for me to research and bring to you the best business ideas for each Newyear

Why do I do this, because I want to help you start a business that suits your lifestyle?

Are a stay-at-home mom that wants to start a business to support yourself while you care for your kids at home? you will find a friendly and warm community in this blog.

Perhaps you are not a SAHM but just someone who is tired of the corporate rat race and you want something to really call your own

Thehomebusinessowner blog is here to help you to start what you can call yours and is also designed to help you start a business that suits your lifestyle.

With the Pandemic still ranging, a lot of people are simply weary of all the resultants risks of having to work outside the home.

No wonder, that we have the great resignation going on in America right now, as people realize there are much better ways to make money than they have been doing.

Everyone is now seeking a way to make money from home without having to be forced into close settings with other people.

I know the desires of people that is why I bring you this good news, that you can take one of these 10 best online business ideas and run with it in 2022.

When I started my blog back in 2017, there was no pandemic but I was simply tired of living my life according to every corporate rule there is.

I wanted something different and I wanted to be home with my kids, I did not want to leave them every day to go to work, so I brought my work home and started Thehomebsuinessowner blog to teach other stay-at-home moms how to make money from home.

Today, I want to share with you some online business ideas that you can do from home and make money.

Are you ready? here we go.

Top 10 Online Business Ideas 2022


I started my blog in 2017 with just 8 dollars not knowing how bloggers even made money and have never known anything tech in my life. I never knew how much blogging will change my life and help me have a more satisfying lifestyle.

When I started my blog, I knew it had to do with helping small businesses because I had a passion for small businesses, something I had spent a greater part of my work life in.

With just my passion and my desire to create a business that works for me, I started out. Today I am so glad for that decision that I made.

When the pandemic hit and so many businesses were shut down, I was doing well and okay. Today even with the pandemic still on, I am still fine because my business does not depend on going outside or working in an office.

My lifestyle business choice helped me navigate this pandemic and also helped me see why it is important to control your own future when it comes to earning.

For you, it may be that you lost your job or you quit your job because of the pandemic, now is the right time to use all that knowledge you have gathered to start a blog that helps others who are in your field.

It may also be that you have never worked before but you want to start a blog, you can do so by writing about your interests.

If you want to start a blog today, you need to first buy a hosting plan and a domain name, these two are what enable you to build your website which will house your blog.

If you are searching for a good hosting company with very low downtime, a free domain name, and a small outlay for you to start your blog, then Ipage is what you should consider.

Ipage costs you just $1.99 per month to start your blog, and you get the following benefits with your new hosting plan

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer service support

I have used Ipage to build websites and have found their customer service quite helpful, as soon as you mention your issues in chat, you have a live person, not a bot that walks you through your issues until it is resolved.

Ipage Goplan subscription will cost you just about $37 to start.

If you want to sign up with Ipage, click the button below

Ipage hosting


Blockchain is currently revolutionizing a lot of industries, worldwide. Cryptocurrency which is a digital financial instrument is becoming a mainstream source of income for many people who want to be let loose from the control of fiat currencies.

2021 was the year that crypto really becomes mainstream as bitcoin a type of cryptocurrency rose from about $18,000 to almost $60,000.

With wide adoption as many people come on board this DEFI currency, it is time for small business people who want to work from home to begin to take note.

You can start trading crypto if you want to have an online business that you can do from your home.

Cryptocurrencies are so many out there, as a person who wants to make money from trading crypto you must educate yourself on how the crypto market works before you delve into trading in one.

Please note that cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile so it is important that you know what you are doing.

The easiest way to actually start trading in cryptocurrency is to use simple tools like Coinbase a crypto trading platform to buy your crypto, wait for it to rise in value, and then sell just like you will do in forex trading.

The great thing about starting a crypto trading business is that you can start it as low a $25. it is also always best to start with something small, master the process before you invest heavily in it.

Choosing a platform that makes it easy for you to start trading as a beginner is also a critical aspect of you starting your trading.

If you want to start with Coinbase today, go here to sign up to start trading with Crypto

Sign up to Coinbase

Please note that this is not financial advice, always consult with your financial advisors before making any investment


Almost all kinds of selling have gone online, before the pandemic, selling online was an option but not anymore, now every brick and mortar shop now has an online store, which means that eCommerce has come to stay.

According to emarketer, the e-commerce business surpassed about 4.8trillion USD worldwide in 2021 with e-commerce snagging 21.8% of total global retail sales worldwide.

With the pandemic still raging, e-commerce will continue to dominate retail sales as more and more people take to shopping online for convenience and safety sake.

If you are thinking of the best online business ideas 2022 that you want to take on, e-commerce may just be it for you.

With an online store, you can sell whatever it is you have a passion for.

Ecommerce stores actually give you the opportunity to take advantage of the retail market to make money.

If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce store then consider using Shopify to start your online store.

Shopify is an online selling platform that enables you to build your own online store with your brand.

Because I am aware that a lot of people that read my posts often want to take immediate steps but are afraid especially if they are not techy, I built a Shopify course that will teach you how to build a Shopify store in just one week.

You just need to watch and implement and you will have your store up in one week or less.

Want to start your online store today, tap below to sign up for a course that will teach you step by step how to build your Shopify store online.

Shopify unbundled course
Shopify Unbundled Course

You can read here to see what the course curriculum is all about

4.Sell luxury Pre-owned goods

With inflation rising and the cost of goods increasing daily, the pre-owned luxury goods market has taken a life of its own, it is worth about 28 billion dollars and is dominated by the Louis Vitton brand.

If you have knowledge about luxury fashion brands, this may be the time to turn that passion into a quality business you can do online.

Selling preowned luxury fashion online is a good way to start making money from your home if you understand the market and can identify fakes from the original.

To start your pre-owned luxury fashion business online you will need to build an online store, that will showcase the goods that you want to sell.

To start your online fashion business, check above to purchase my course on how to build a Shopify online store.

5.Social media marketing

It is no longer rocket science, you can no longer run an online business without social media, starting a social media marketing business could be that one way you can build your online business this year.

This is especially great if you already have social media skills for growing followership and monetizing it. you can sell such skills as a media buyer to your customers.

A social media marketing consultant will help small businesses build marketing strategies that bring in sales. Learn how to start a social media marketing consulting business

6. Online business consulting

With a lot of small businesses opening up every day, there is a dire need for business knowledge especially if you have run or worked in a small business before.

Since you are looking for the best online business ideas for 2022, and all you have is your skill, you may want to consider small business consulting done online.

A small business consultant helps small businesses structures their business online in order to make money.

They also study small businesses to investigate and learn how to help small business owners solve their problems.

A small business is a business that you can easily start with your business skills alone.

To start however you will need a website that showcases your skillset and also tells people about your expertise. To start your small business consulting, you need to either build your website yourself or outsource it.

If you want to build your small business website by yourself, you can learn how to build it in a week by taking my course on WordPress without Tears, a course I built to help newbies like you build your small business website.

WordPress Without Tears Course

If you want to outsource it, I can build a simple website for you, just tap the button below to sign up

7.Care package business

With the world reeling from waves upon waves of the different variants of Covid19, a lot of people need care and love..

Sending care packages has become a way to show that care and love especially when we cannot visit and be physically present.

If you have a passion to curate care package items and want to make money this year, starting a care package business might just be the way to go. Care packages are packed in such a way to show love and care to the receiver.

Understanding how to interweave that personal touch into your business and creating a brand that really resonates with your buyers is something that is necessary for your business to succeed.

I wrote a post on how to start a care package business long before COVD19 hit the world. After the advent of COVI19, the post went straight to the first page of Google, as many people sought how to help their loved ones feel better while isolating.

A lot of people took advantage of this post to start a care package business, with the influx of whole demanding more information, I built a course the care package business course.

With my care package business course you will get a full package training on how to start a care package business and market it online

Care package business course


Freelancing is called the Gig economy because a lot of the jobs you will get as a freelancer is called a gig because you work and get paid and you move on.

If you have skills to sell but don’t want to work in a corporate organization or even set up a website, you can decide to become a freelancer. Freelancer sells their time and skills for money.

You can learn how to become a freelancer in just 30days here

9. Health and Fitness Consulting.

At the beginning of every year, a lot of people make resolutions to eat healthily and remain fit.

If you are a fitness buff, now is the time to actually launch your health and fitness consulting practice, be the one that will help people to take sustainable actions when it comes to eating, well keeping healthy and fit.

Being healthy is very important especially with the pandemic.

Having a coach that keeps one accountable and helps one to achieve those goals is one service a lot of people are willing to sign up on.

10. Personal Financial Adviser

With a growing population and also an aging one too, new innovations, a tech-savvy world seem strange to a lot of people.

A lot of people need personal financial advisors to be able to manage their finances, make financial investments and grow their wealth.

if you are well versed in financial instruments, you can set up a consulting firm that helps people to manage their finances and grow their wealth.

Being knowledgeable about this aspect is important because when people consult you, they want to trust that you know what you are doing.

Personal financial advisors charge for their consultation and also charge for their services.


Now that you know the 10 best online business ideas 2022, it is time o take action. The first action you need to take when it comes to starting your business is to write a home business plan

A business plan will help you work out on paper what you need to do in real life, it is your business strategy document that helps you to plan and create your business on paper

As a business person, myself, I never fail to first strategize on paper before I implement them, that is why I took my business planning skills and created a home business planner for you.

With my home business planner you will be able to identify your visions, mission, and target audience, you will build a buyer persona also create a strategy for market entry.

To make use of my Home business planner, tap the link below

My home business planner also comes with a business planner checklist to help you organize your business activities and tick them off as you go ahead.

So I present to you my home business planner and checklist

Starting a new business in a new year is by no means a small fit but when you look at the benefits of working for yourself and creating something entirely new, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

if you really want to start an online business this year but need some business consulting or perhaps hand-holding when it comes to setting up your business online, I am here to help you out

I provide business consulting services at very affordable prices and on an hourly basis

Here is to a prosperous new year, have a great year, and hit your goals.

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