Britney Spears Considering Peace Over Chaos

Britney Spears Considering Peace Over Chaos

Britney Spears’s life has been chaotic with his father and conservatorship. And she quite didn’t hold a proper or peaceful relationship with anyone in her family. Her conservatorship of 13 long years Ended last month. She didn’t care for anyone or anything except herself and always showed how messy her life is on social media platforms. Seems like both Britney Spears and her family both equally at fault.

Britney Spears Leaving Her Past Behind

Britney Spears had a never-ending public feud with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who is 31 years old writer. Whose book called ‘Things I Should Have Said, where Britney spears felt called out and attacked by her sister. After that Britney Spears’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart sent a letter to Jamie Lynn spears cease and desist letter, to which Jamie Lynn Spears’s attorney replied with vile statements.

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Supposedly Jamie Lynn was more focused on Britney’s life in her memoir, Britney previously accused her of trying to seek attention and using her to improve the sales of her books. Moreover, Jamie shared stories of her childhood, how Britney was and she behaved erratically with her other siblings. She defamed Britney in many ways, however, later she posted on Instagram that no matter what happens she is always with her, but she is not liking the posts Britney is making about her sister which is not true, and she is making false excuses.

With little steps, Britney is making big changes in her life, she resumed her music journey in august and her conservatorship ended this year also, which is a huge deal for her. Her recent post about her sister shocked fans and followers, she wrote sweet and heartwarming words praising her sister and sharing childhood incidents. The post was made on Jamie Lynn Spears’s birthday, and Britney spears are taking the best and most peaceful way possible to reconnect with her family.

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