Corporate Gifting Just Got Easier — Just In Time For The Holidays



Looking to add an extra special touch to your holiday communications and beyond? Sendoso, a corporate gifting platform, just launched its first free E-gifting offering that aims to enable small and medium-sized businesses to send E-gifts without contracts, subscriptions or fees.

Sendoso Express allows companies to instantly send E-gifts to employees, partners, prospects and customers from some of Sendoso’s E-gift partners, including Amazon, Apple, DoorDash, Instacart, Starbucks and Uber Eats. The offering just requires a valid corporate email and credit card — no contracts or subscriptions necessary.

Demand Gen Report spoke with Karen Steele, Sendoso’s new Chief Marketing Advisor, who said while the company has had a “starter package” offering for a while, the first-ever freemium offering is an exciting addition to its menu of services. And as a past customer of Sendoso (three times!), Steele knows the value corporate gifting has on B2B brands. In fact, according to a recent global gifting survey, 83% of companies that received a corporate gift over the last year felt closer to the company that sent it.

“[Gifting] is definitely a more competitive market and there are a lot of new entrants that have come into the market,” she said. “So, I think differentiation is key. The thing about Sendoso, and obviously, you know I was a fan walking in the door because I’ve been a user three times, but we truly have the biggest marketplace of vendors, and we improve it every single day so that people can send the most personalized experiences they could. I think the world of sending has changed and it’s so fun for me personally, because I’m marketed to this way every single day. The more creative people are in their curation of what they send, the better.”

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be done with a large budget to make an impact. Steele pointed to an example from Uberflip that wasn’t expensive, but surprised and delighted customers.

“Uberflip created a branded box and inside the box was a bag of microwave popcorn,” she said. “Also inside was a simple red card with a Netflix logo, and on the back was a call to action that said, ‘Have a movie and some popcorn on us.'” And basically, if you took a meeting with them, they were going to pay for your Netflix subscription for the year.”

With Sendoso Express, the opportunities for creative gifting are endless. The company offers a large inventory of gift card options, and the offering allows brands to activate up to 10 users per account. While the launch is perfectly timed for the holiday season, Steele noted that the freemium offering is here to stay and Sendoso will be testing and generating feedback from users to continue to enhance the Express tool, allowing for greater (and more creative) business connections well into 2023.

“I think that people need to break through more than ever,” said Steele. “We’re all on Zoom calls morning to sundown, that you want to be interrupted with these creative, interesting things. And so that’s why I think the gifting space is really turning into something pretty creative right now.”

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