How to Make Planners-Create a Profitable Planner Business


Planners are digital files that are used by many people for creating and planning for a project, they are used for organizing specific tasks and are often tools of productivity.

If you are just hearing about planners for the first time you may be wondering how to make planners especially if you want to use them to create a profitable business online.

Planners are part of a group of products we call Printables products, I wrote a post on how to make Printables products which have been on the first page of Google for 3years running now.

When I wrote that post on how to create printable products, it was a business that was just getting discovered and a lot of people had not even realized how much money they can make just by selling printable products.

My aim in creating that post was to educate people on how to make Printables products which they can sell online.

After creating that post, it became popular and a lot of people kept barraging the post seeking more answers which led to my creating the Newbie Printables Business Course

The course was created because I wanted to help people who want to know how to start a printables product business to learn how to create products that sell online and help them to make money

My course has become popular and continues to help a lot of people to make passive income from Printables products

Today I am going to focus on teaching you and answering questions on how you can create a profitable business just from selling planners.

When you want to make planners from scratch, there are many schools of thought as to how to create them.

If you are just making planners for your personal use then you can just jump in create anything that you fancy and you go ahead and use it, after all, it’s for you right.

This unfortunately is the approach some people use to create planners they want to sell to other people, they create planners that solve their own problem and then try to push it off on other people.

This method will work if and only if you have access to people who have the same problem that prompted you to create your planner in the first place.

If you do not have access to such people you will have a planner that does not sell and you will get frustrated.

How to Make Planners From Scratch


Before making a planner, you must ask yourself who needs the planners you want to make? this very question is the one reason you are making planners that no one is buying if you have started making planners or if you are planning to start making planners that you want to sell. This is the one question that you must ask.

This question is the difference between those who sell planners and make thousands of dollars and those who make nothing or a few hundreds.

A planner is a tool or instrument of productivity so you must identify who needs the product that you are making. When you understand how to nail your niche, it will help you to create products that will serve your niche better

The best kind of products are products that are needed not those that you are desperately trying to sell. So you want to learn how to make planners, you need to first ask who needs my planners?

Dissecting and understanding your niche plus getting a good idea of the characteristics of your niche is what I took the time to explain in my course The Newbies Printables business course

This is why my course is different from all other courses on printables creation that you will see because I started from the heart of the matter

While others teach you the technicalities of creating products, I delve into identifying who needs your product and also teach you how to identify your niche and also get to the roots of their needs by creating products that answer their questions.

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2. What problems will your planners solve?

One of the best things you can identify before you start creating any planner is to know what problems your planners were created to solve. Printable planners are digital files that people print out to use, it is not a fanciful product that they want to admire.

Once you have been able to identify your niche and who you are creating for, if you know the characteristic of that niche, you will begin to identify their problems and hence create a planner that solves that problems.

For example. as a blogger, I write about how to start different businesses online. one of my strategies is to always look for businesses that stay-at-home moms can build and run from the comfort of their homes.

This is because my niche is for stay-at-home moms who want to make money from home and create businesses that they can do from home.

My blog posts are targeted at helping moms identify businesses that can do from home easily, I then provide a planner which is a planning tool that enables them to take action once they finish reading my post.

I wrote a post on how to start a hot sauce business online, this post is valuable because I know that a lot of moms who cook at home, make sauces from recipes that they either created or were passed down from their families.

This post began to rank on the first page of Google as more and more people wanted to learn from this blog post, when it began to do well,

I researched more and found out the missing information in hot sauce business start-up that will enable anyone who read my post to start working at creating their business immediately

I created a planner on how to start a hot sauce business, my planner gave my blog visitors more information and also created a format that they could fill in and build their business

When that planner went live on my blog post, it began to sell like hotcakes. I soon realized that even people I did not consider in my target audience were buying the planner.

So why was this hot sauce planner successful? it was targeted at solving a need that those who wanted to start their hot sauce business had.

If you have ever started a business online you now know that just having general knowledge is not sufficient. You need an executable step-by-step plan on how to get that business built and ready to start making sales.

So while you get the general knowledge from my free blog post, if you wanted specific steps to take and also tools and resources for starting your business, you need to get my hot sauce planner.

My hot sauce planner sold well because I targeted the need of my audience, the people that needed my products.

3.How to create planners

Now that you have figured out what type of planners you will be making, it is now time to ask yourself how to create planners.

Planners can be made with different tools, a planner is often a combination of graphic design skills and project planning skills put together to create a planner. For example, if you want to make a stay-at-home mom planner.

You must know what a stay-at-home mom struggles with and then you design a product that helps her solve that problem. I teach clearly how you can combine these skill sets using the secret steps I developed in my course.

Remember that no matter how beautiful your planner design is, if you miss the real use it is meant for, you will find out that it will be beautiful but useless.

So in creating your planners you should know how to create good designs and you should also know how to organize all the information to a conclusive outcome

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What are the tools you can use to create planners?

Here are some

  • Canva
  • Powerpoint
  • Photoshop
  • Excel sheets
  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft publisher.

4.How to sell your planners

Planners are products that need to be sold just like every other thing you create or make. Selling your planners online is the culmination of all your business processes.

Your ability to sell your planners online is what shows that there are people that value the products that you have made and are willing to reward you for it.

One of the greatest joys you will ever have is when someone purchases your planner, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that somone will be using you intellectual property to make their own lives better.

Here is a sample of my product that I recently sold

Email marketing strategy planner pdf

So where do you sell your planners, there are many places you can sell your planners online but I will take the time to help you define what works for planners and what does not really work. You can sell your planners in basically two places

Online marketplaces

These are large online marketplaces that allow you to list your products on their platform while they provide you with traffic, when you make a sale they take a commission out of your transaction.

Examples of online marketplaces is Amazon, eBay, Bonanza Etsy.

The best place to sell planners amongst the online marketplaces is Etsy, this is because Etsy is primarily a creators market.

Etsy was built to help makers sell their products so when people are looking for handmade goods which planners fall under, they quickly go to Etsy

I taught in my course how to set up your Printables planner store on Etsy, I taught you how to rank your products on Etsy so that you can make more sales.

My product is on Etsy and was ranking on Etsy’s first page and also on Google’s first page of Google.

However there is downside to selling on Etsy unfortunately, one of the downsides is price competition which can be tough because they force you to sell your products for less than you would.

Why is this factor important? because Etsy usually has a price that your product is generally sold for so when you are doing your Etsy SEO, you want to put your product pricing within that range if you want it to rank.

Another problem is that your products are not the only ones on display so you are competing with a whole lot of others for sales.

This means that your product may be priced lower than you will usually wish for if you want it to sell.

If you want to avoid this sort of forced price reductions and stiff competition you consider going through the second route which is to sell on your

Online store

Online stores are websites that are built solely for your product, it gives you the opportunity to create and build a brand something you cannot do with Etsy. You can build a printables planner business on your online store.

This means you get to have your own store where you upload and sell your products without anyone competing for your both in price and product type.

Online stores are a great way to actually build a branded business that enables you to attract nurture and sell to your niche market.

online shop platforms that you can use to sell planners include



In my course the Newbie Printables Course, I taught the different ways to sell your products both in an online store built with WordPress.

I also taught how to use various online selling platforms that are not online marketplaces to sell your products.

Once your product is loaded up in your store, you start marketing your products via different channels such as social media, email marketing, etc.

5.How much does it cost to make a planner?

A planner is a digital file so it actually costs next to nothing to create one as long as you have the tools and the knowledge. The real cost is in acquiring the knowledge on what makes a planner.

Creating planners for the purpose of making a business out of your skill and passion is a great way to start a planner business. Planners come in different ways and can be made from different angles


To build a profitable business selling planners, you need to understand your niche and be able to create planners that solve their problems.

While we can generically create planners that fall into different niches, being specific will give you more results and create a better income stream.

When it comes to marketing your planners, understanding where your to-be customers will be hanging out and then creating a marketing message that will attract them is the key to ensuring that you sell your planners.

If you want to learn how to create profitable planners that sell always and also learn how to market your planners using different digital marketing techniques. Grab my course below and you will be on your way to selling planners that make money.

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