Investment center Review 2021- Strategies And Tactics For Successful Trading With The Investment center Forex Trading Platform. (

Being a single mother of 2 girls I have struggled for many years working 2 jobs to make ends meet. But the workload and also giving time to my girls was a challenge I couldn’t take anymore. So one day a friend of mine introduced me to Forex trading and that was the beginning of my prosperity.

I was a bit hesitant at first since had no idea about Forex and how this trading world works. Also, hearing scams in the trading industry made me more careful in choosing the right Forex platform. My friend told me it’s a reliable forex broker as she was using it herself as well so I was relieved and started my quest to make money on The Investment center Forex trading platform. But one thing I made sure of before joining any platform was to educate myself enough to understand if that platform is going to do any good to me.

As I started to feel more comfortable in the investment world, I embarked on joining The Investmentcenter Forex trading platform. It was a really smooth process and within 3 days after filling up the online registration form, all my documents were approved and an e-wallet was created for me. That made me very happy as it felt like a relief of burden that I was able to accomplish in so less time.

What really caught my attention is their customer support team who were friendly and very helpful with the whole registration process. They were also quick at replying to any of my questions via live chat or email and being available 24/5 made me feel secure and confident that I am working with a reliable platform.

Because of this platform, I now can spend time at home as much I want to, taking care of my girls and making money too. Also, when I have any issues or questions regarding my trading account they get back to me immediately and assist with whatever solutions I need.

The Investmentcenter forex platform is a great place to start your journey and make money on Forex online. It is easy simple and you don’t have to make big trades that require you to leave home. It’s trustworthy with a good set of features that answer all your trading concerns and questions. The educational material they provide to help you grasp the basics is very educative, with different charts where you can see how it works for yourself. Other than that there are also trading videos and tips that come in handy on how to use the platform.

As a Trading Platform:

As a trading platform, this is a great platform for those who are looking, and new to the Forex market. With outstanding services provided by The Investmentcenter it is no surprise their platform should be doing as well as they are. As a trading platform, this has almost all the necessary tools and features that a trader would look for. With a wide variety of indicators and strategies that can be used to trade the market, The Investmentcenter has certainly made it easy for anyone who wishes to start trading.

The trading chart is my favorite sight in The Investmentcenter. The chart has many unique features which make trading easier, efficient, and fun! The assets are divided into; Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices in the trading chart room. Upon clicking it shows the relevant assets to the option you have selected. Or you can choose the option “All” this way all the assets will be in one list. The chart intervals can be set to one minute, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or even at 1-month intervals.

This feature is available both in the platform and web trader. While on trade-in progress if you click on an order it will show which part of the chart that order stands for. It shows which price range that order is on. Clicking on the order will tell the list of assets and levels the order is set for. It gives more information than required, which is nice to have.

There is a live bar slide that shows the current assets and their current prices. I think this is a nice touch as it is better to see a live image instead of numbers. On the other hand, I wonder if this is distracting for some people. The trading platform is designed so that it would be easy to use and intuitive. It is also mobile-responsive which means you can trade on your smartphone or any device with internet access to monitor your investment portfolio 24/7.

The platform shows four different windows for trading, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, webpage history and an open orders window. This is all the information you need to trade successfully. Unlike most platforms, The Investmentcenter displays the most important information that you require to make a trading decision. Also, unlike other platforms, this one does not clutter your screen with many redundant and unnecessary features.

Educational Center:

Take advantage of the educational material! The Investmentcenter platform includes a wealth of material that helps improve your knowledge about trading and how to become successful as a trader. The educational center includes; Glossary, Asset Index, and eBooks.

The Investmentcenter platform includes eBooks; which are in short ‘e-books’ that have been helpful to many traders and can be downloaded easily from your control panel. The Investmentcenter platform includes eBooks; which are in short ‘e-books’ that have been helpful to many traders and can be downloaded easily from your control panel. There is a total of 12 eBooks that range from beginners to advanced levels. The different stages work out as follows:

An Introduction for people interested in trading and who have not yet made a deposit with the Investmentcenter. This eBook helps to get the individual started and answers all questions about why to trade and how. However, I feel like they should add more eBooks that would help the advanced users to learn more and something new.

Also included is a glossary that will help you understand certain terms used on the platform and when interacting with our customer service representatives. The glossary section has all the possible trading terminologies and their explanations so the investor new to forex trading has a full and clear understanding of what is going on.

The asset index is where you will find all the assets listed in alphabet order. It makes it easier to find them, but one can read the list of all available assets just below it. Each asset has its expiry rule and trading hours mentioned which I think is quite convenient.

There is also a FAQ section that has a large amount of investment-related questions. It is better to go through the FAQ section first to get a better understanding of the concept before you can start trading. The FAQ are extremely helpful and have been written in an easy-to-understand format.

Customer Service:

Customer service for any platform is the most important aspect of doing business. The Investmentcenter has professional and helpful customer service. They can answer all your questions easily and professionally. They are polite, intelligent, and know where they stand with their customers. The people that work in this department are well-trained employees who have been hired for their knowledge of the industry they are working within.

The Investmentcenter takes customer service to a new level. They have 24/5 support and one of the fastest reply times in the industry, with an average response time of under 4 minutes. This is fantastic because in order for your platform to be effective you need help when you need it most. The Investmentcenter stands out in this category like a glimmering star on a moonless night. They are very accommodating and will work with you until your issue is resolved.

I once encountered issue in my trading but when I contact one of their representatives, they help me to solve it by giving their professional advice. With their assistance, I am now able to perform my trading smoothly and more efficiently without error.

The Investmentcenter account manager is an important part of the entire process. An account manager is like a personal consultant that works with you to make sure you get the most out of your trading experience. My account manager also helped me a lot in making strategies that suited my portfolio and my expertise and that led me to more than what I expected in profit. Through this entire process, I have never had any problem with their customer support and they are always available to answer all my inquiries. The best part that I like about them is that they don’t only offer one of the most sophisticated trading platforms but also provide services to teach traders how to use it in a more efficient manner.


The Investmentcenter Forex trading platform is well developed and provides a compact, clean interface that allows you to trade with precision and ease. It has taken all the necessary steps in order to provide a secure and honest venue for traders around the world. There are a number of strategies and tactics that you can use to help make the most out of your time trading on The Investmentcenter Forex Trading Platform. In short this platform is my go to spot for trading and I absolutely love it. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.