Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

Who’s got the better work ethic in your business…

You’ (ie. in real life) or the ‘digital version of you’ (ie. online)?

I posed this question at the recent AREC conference.

If most of your prospecting, marketing and lead generation activity is conducted in “real life” and in “real time” by “you” (ie. in face to face or Zoom meetings or on the phone) then you are leaving a huge opportunity on the table.

Because the ‘digital version of you’ can be doing the lion’s share of the heavy lifting and free you up for the for high-value stuff!

If there’s no ‘digital version of you’ then when you’re not working, nothing is happening.

How do I create ‘digital you’?
If you can take the IP, knowledge and insights from your head and package them up as content like videos, reports, email series, documents and articles, then the ‘digital version of you’ is unleashed to work 24/7 even while you are on holiday, asleep or spending time with family.

**For the record, “real time, real life” input from the real you is very important especially when it comes to closing deals and building personal connections. So save that precious time for the high-value, high-stakes interactions!

If “digital you” doesn’t exist or isn’t pulling its weight, you are making it much harder for yourself, and your prospective clients to get to know, like and trust you.

“Digital you” has the ability to outwork the “real life you”.

Plus ‘digital you’ will support you in so many ways, so I encourage you to consider how you can:

unpack your IP, knowledge and insights and
package it up so that it supports your marketing, lead gen and sales efforts.

Convert your IP and know-how into digital assets like:

Videos, webinar recordings, proposal walk throughs, articles, templates, email series, training courses etc.
Every digital asset you create is an opportunity to put “digital you” to work!

I’m curious does this concept resonate with you?
(Please let me know in the comments)


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