Starting A Candy Company From Scratch

Hassan Carrin

In Episode 127 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon talk about the breaking news: Adobe’s Holiday Shopping Report shows that consumer spending has increased while prices have decreased. Jon shares the numbers from the report, but Tyler explains why he’s still pessimistic about shopping trends and the state of the economy.

Then Tyler introduces Erica Williams, Founder & CEO at Yumy Candy Company Inc.

Erica is an entrepreneur, health coach and candy lover who turned her passions into a fast-growing candy company called Yumy Candy.

In their conversation, Tyler and Erica talk about starting Yumy Candy from scratch, quantifying demand for an innovative product, and breaking into the US market after growing the company in Canada.

To end the episode, Erica shares her key takeaway for marketing leaders and entrepreneurs: just get started.


00:59 – What’s in the News: Facebook introduces Make-A-Video, an AI tool that generates videos from text

8:12 – Featured Guest: Nate Lagos, Director of Growth Marketing at Original Grain

8:50 – Advice for marketing leaders who are looking for a new position

10:50 – Original Grain’s strategy ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

16:35 – Standing out from the crowd during the holiday shopping season

19:22 – Forming strategic partnerships with major brands

21:50 – What channels are working for Original Grain?

23:08 – What content works on Facebook?

25:00 – Calculating and increasing the lifetime value of customers

32:30 – Key Takeaway: be relentless, go harder, and pick up the pace

34:25 – Outro

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