The Importance Of Branding In 2021 And Beyond, As Told By Jacob Darley, CEO Of Ernest Development

QUILCENE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2021 / Your brand is a reflection of you and the value your business brings to customers. It creates clarity around your services and builds connection with customers on an emotional level.

In a time where many students, employees, and entrepreneurs around the world have no other option but to connect virtually, the importance of your brand and online presence is more vital than ever and must be strong.

If you want your business to scale online and beat the competition, you have to improve your branding efforts. Here are 3 factors you need to know to boost your visibility and prestige in today’s digital space:

Build an online reputation

Even before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, your online reputation was important. Then the coronavirus changed the paradigm practically overnight, forcing people to adjust to digital ways of interacting with their families, colleagues, and clients.

More companies are adjusting to a world in which teleworking will reign. 62% of workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher say all their work can be done from home.

For online businesses and entrepreneurs with any need to network, both online and in person, this is an advantage-when used correctly.

As vaccine rollouts continue, online businesses will continue to use digital marketing to stay relevant and make profit. The world has shifted to a much more intense online focus, and this is the path forward. A crucial part of scaling your business is having and maintaining an online reputation.

Make a positive first impression online

Operating your business in the online world is no different from how you would present yourself in a job interview or network with people. How you present yourself means everything, and your first impression leaves a lasting mark.

“Google search results for your name are practically your resume these days,” says CEO Jacob Darley of PR firm, Ernest Development.

First impressions-whether they are in person or online-are important. Nowadays, google search results or your LinkedIn profile serve as that first impression. These online tools build credibility, prestige, and trust behind your name, which helps close deals and retain business in the long run.

Differentiate yourself from the market

Every business should have that one benefit, feature, or characteristic that sets it apart from the competition. Introduce your potential clients to why they should be working with you.

You’ve started an online copywriting business for creative entrepreneurs. But there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of copywriters in the world who work with creative entrepreneurs. What makes you different? Why do you stand out? Why should people choose you?

It’s not enough to communicate what you can do for your client. Branding is about articulating your value proposition in comparison to other competitors.

If you want to scale your business, you have to convince people why your business is more valuable than the competitor down the street. You may be in the same line of work, but how you do your work may be different. The key to a strong brand is in your ability to highlight what makes your business unique. You might know what makes your business or service stand out, but do your potential clients? Do they know from the very first moments of searching online? How much business might you miss out on because the conversation never even occurred for you to explain yourself?

Scale Your Business with Ernest Development

Jacob Darley started working for himself online in late 2015. He worked part-time in the ecommerce sector until he felt secure enough to quit his 9-to-5 job and relocate to Thailand.

When COVID-19 hit, he decided to return home to his native Washington State. He was looking for different lines of work to pursue, and came across an opportunity to create and run his own PR agency, Ernest Development.

Ernest Development is a full-service public relations and marketing firm. The agency helps business owners and entrepreneurs scale their businesses by building their online image and reputation.

Jacob differentiated his agency by understanding one simple principle… If you take care of your client, your client will take care of you. Ernest Development is focused on staying with their clients well after a service is provided- giving advice and helping businesses find their path to success and growth. The Ernest Development Mission Statement aligns with this mindset. “To create genuine, long-lasting, positive change in every person and business we associate with.”

Through services including SEO, lead generation, social media, podcasts and more, they earn media coverage for their clients-which garners more visibility in their target market.

Not only is this agency seriously committed to scaling businesses, it is dedicated to building lasting relationships with its clientele.

If you want to learn how you can seriously grow your business, contact experts at Ernest Development today.

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