Unlocking the power of natural language search PRAMANA SHIFT

Unlocking the power of natural language search PRAMANA SHIFT

 / Unlocking the power of natural language search

One of the big challenges today with data is that we just have too much of it.  While we may be able to access that data, it can be hard to easily find the data that is relevant.  Domo helps solve part of this problem by bringing data at scale into a single platform. However, sometimes we need to make data even more easily accessible to a basic user.  This is where natural language search can help and Domo has partnered with Pramana Labs to embed their SHIFT natural language technology into Domo.

The SHIFT technology lets me wire up multiple datasets into a single interface and start building search experiences for types of information that might be useful. It’s fully customizable and not a “black box” – allowing individual business logic at your control. For this example, I went to a number of our previous Domo on Data blog posts to bring together some key economic data on inflation, gas prices, layoffs and quits and unemployment claims.  Now, in SHIFT we have a single location where you can ask questions about these metrics.

When I start asking a question in SHIFT it will start showing me potential questions and Statlines that match what I type.  For example, below if I type “los angeles gas” then I start seeing potential questions across the datasets. If I click into one question, I can see more details on that question. I can even export the insights from results I get. And as I search I will be given suggestions, so when I type “food” I will see the various inflation categories with food in the name. Use the top menu to explore the insights via Statlines or Stream which is an area to share additional insights.

For more information on the Pramana SHIFT technology, e-mail [email protected]. Go ahead and give Pramana SHIFT a try below so you can get answers to your questions about inflation, gas prices, layoffs and more.

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